Wharton Center hit it big with Mitch Albom’s popular play, “Ernie”, for the last two summers. This week they’re trying to cash in again – this time with another Albom show – this one a little goofier – called “Hockey – the Musical”.

At first glance, it seems a likely winner. Albom, a famed sports writer, musician and playwright creates a musical about hockey – it all fits. To top it off, Albom hired his brother, Peter, to direct the show.

Peter says, “It’s Mitch’s first musical, but it’s my specialty – I’m a music and dance guy.”

Peter has mostly been living in Europe as an adult. “I was trained as a ballet dancer and went to Europe and danced and directed American musicals and ballet.

“Growing up, Mitchy (yes, he calls Mitch Albom Mitchy!), my sister, and I would always perform for our parents in the living room. Our father used to be an opera singer before he went into business. Mitchy’s first love was music.”

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